My MMS Story !

There is no spectacular beginning to this part of the story where I wrote my GMAT first, not content with my 720 score. I was thinking whether to take another shot at it and then people around me succeeded in convincing me not to. Then was TOEFL which didn’t matter much but for the minimum cut-off score. But I did ok there though. Next piled up task was deciding the school and/or program to go for. I did a research and a bit of introspection to figure out that I need a brand and a great curriculum to lay strong foundations and at the same time secure a decent placement. Also various factor like ROI, average class age among others were polling in my decision matrix. After a thorough research, I figured a few MBA programs, all top notch and therefore very unlikely for my 2 years of work ex, and the MMS Program at Fuqua School of Business. The MMS program at that point of time looked like just a good option until I researched deep into the program. My further research into it helped me realize the opportunities and the potential this program had, doubled with its Fuqua Brand and the associated network. Furthermore, being so early into my career, I was not sure about what I am gonna specialize in. Talking about some flashy specializations and stuff in your B-School essays is an easy job but living the dream is a different take. I don’t say, I had no idea what I wanted, rather I was just not so sure. Risk taking has been my way of approaching things but the question was how calculated this one was! I thought and introspected to come to the conclusion that I needed to shift into a business field, something I was made for and an MBA so early in career was not a great idea. Things to me were clearer than ever before and suddenly made more sense in ways that I had never thought them to be. I could see my calling and gradually figured out that MMS was my calling, something I was destined to! And may be that was the reason that even though I had a call from a pretty decent B-School for MBA with an impressive scholarship too, I choose the Fuqua MMS program. The possibilities are immense and I knew what I was doing. This instilled in me a confidence that this is it and I started working and praying at the same time for getting an admit (I was too late to realize for by then the deadlines for international applicants was over and now in any decision Visa and other constraints were to be taken into consideration). Yet, the gods smiled on me and showed me the way. I got a call !!

I must say, I am a happy soul and looking forward to the one great year at Duke. Rest in next 🙂

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Ice Breaker !

Looks like the admission offers are yet going out and/or people are too lazy to browse :PLemme start with myself first. I am Gautam, they call me GB, from Bangalore, India. I have done my undergraduate (B-Tech in IT) from NITK Surathkal. Afterwards, I worked with Samsung and right now am with VIA world, a travel based company. In addition, I am also the CEO cum co-founder of a company in Green Consulting domain which we run on a part time non-profit basis.
I have also worked with one year full time with a NGO before my undergraduate. Apart from this, I write poems as my hobby and love going out.

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I will be joining the MMS class this year at the Fuqua School of Business. I was wondering if we could use this as a platform and get to know “who all” we gonna expect there.
So folks, Waiting for replies !


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